if any of the following happen during the LOST finale

Admittedly, I have been a staunch and stubborn holdout on the TV series LOST. I’ve watched some episodes here and there over the years but just never got into it enough to invest my life (as many have done) in uncovering the mysteries of this J.J. Abram’s mind-twist. I’ve been given a fair amount of grief for this, but I’m a stronger person for it.

That said, with the series finale of LOST approaching Sunday night on May 23rd, I’m willing to offer an ultimatum for all my LOST-loving friends out there.  I will immediately go to Amazon and order every season DVD and watch them all in one consecutive brain-numbing couch-flying LOST-loving session if any of the following happen during the LOST finale:

  • A young Anakin Skywalker makes an appearance.
  • A New York City utility worker climbs out of the “hatch” and says, “Welp, all finished down there.”
  • Any Muppet from Sesame Street is given speaking lines.
  • Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover builds a magnificent beachfront house for all the castaways using wreckage from the plane. “Bus-driver, move that bus!”
  • Conan O’Brien rides a polar bear (with or without a saddle).
  • A volcano on the island erupts halting  world air traffic for a week.
  • The “smoke monster” is revealed to be Larry King’s lingering sneeze.
  • The show’s grand conclusion is that the entire series was a missing chapter from Sarah Palin’s autobiography.

I’m anxious to hear what happens!

the nashville flood

Click here if you can’t see the video.

Also, photo gallery of flood images here.

true story, i think

I was listening to Dave Ramsey the other day on the radio. I don’t want to poke fun of people’s financial situation, but this conversation actually happened on the air:

Dave: Hey, Frank from Alabama, welcome to the Dave Ramsey show!

Frank: Hey Dave, thanks for taking my call. I’m 65 years old and my wife and I have been in dire financial trouble for years. I’ve got a job, but it’s just not bringing in enough money.

Dave: Alright.

Frank: I’m legally blind, and I’m also disabled. I’m self employed and run my own business.

Dave: What is it that you do?

Frank: I’m a security guard.

time it takes me to install a light fixture

6 Minutes: Fumbling around in the fuse box trying to figure out which breaker cuts power to the kitchen.

3 Minutes: Fumbling around in the dark because I flipped the wrong breaker.

10 Minutes: Digging through the closet looking for an extension cord to run a light to the kitchen so I can see what I’m working on.

5 Minutes: Emptying out the contents of the light fixture box onto the living room floor.

20 Minutes: Pulling down the old light fixture.

3 Minutes: Yelling at the old light fixture because it won’t come down.

2 Minutes: Yelling at myself because I cut the source wires too close to the junction box, thereby complicating the rest of my evening.

12 Minutes: Staring at the instructions trying to comprehend Figure B(1)-ii

1 Minute: Deciding I can do this without the instructions.

43 Minutes: Trying to wrestle the new fixture into place.

2 Minutes: Realizing I probably should have read the instructions.

5 Minutes: Stripping wires with a razor blade.

15 Minutes: Waiting for my finger to stop bleeding.

2 Minutes: “Oh, I have to drill a hole in the ceiling?”

7 Minutes: Waiting for my cordless drill to charge.

12 Minutes: “Steph? Can you help me for a minute?”

18 Minutes: Arms over head. More wrestling.

3 Minutes: Letting the blood rush back into my arms.

2 Minutes: Steph letting the blood rush back into her arms.

4 Minutes: “Were light-bulbs included in the box?”

the neked people: revisited

Highlight of my St. Patrick’s Day? Definitely driving to work this morning, looping around the Music Row roundabout, and looking up to see that the infamous statues had donned KILTS!!

Jury is still out on whether or not this was simply a St. Patty’s Day prank, or if someone is trying to make a statement against unclothed bronze people.

Picture thanks to Morgan Levy / Nashvillest. More available here.

show and tell

TRUE FACT #1: I enjoy cooking from time to time. Which comes in handy because I tend to get hungry about 3 times a day.

TRUE FACT #2: The ‘Rigatoni D’ at Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant is the best pasta dish ever.

That said, I set out this weekend with one goal in mind: to recreate Maggiano’s Rigatoni D to exacting standards and relish in wonderful Italian food. Actually I just Googled for a Maggiano’s Rigatoni D recipe, found one, and threw all of the ingredients in the same pot.

I was incredibly pleased with the result. It tasted amazing! News flash for any of you other Rigatoni D fans though… not the healthiest dish on the planet. There’s a half stick of butter and a 1/2 quart of heavy cream in there. Edible heart-attack. Tastes good though.

the man your man could smell like

Hands down my favorite commercial of the last twelve months. Cracks me up every time:

Click here if you can’t watch the video.

state of the union

“The worst deficit comes from a recession, and if we can take the proper action in the proper time, this can be the most important step we could take to prevent another recession…

Such a bill will be presented to the Congress for action next year. It will include an across the board, top to bottom cut in both corporate and personal income taxes. It will include long-needed tax reform that logic and equity demand. And it will date that cut in taxes to take effect as of the start of next year.

The billions of dollars this bill will place in the hands of the consumer and our businessmen will have both immediate and permanent benefits to our economy. Every dollar released from taxation that is spent or invested will help create a new job and a new salary. And these new jobs and new salaries can create other jobs and other salaries and more customers and more growth for an expanding American economy.

By removing tax roadblocks to new jobs and new growth, the enactment of this measure next year will eventually more than make up in new revenue all that it will initially cost. By lightening tax burdens as the Common Market countries have done so successfully- and they have full employment and an economic growth rate twice ours – it will improve the competitive position of American business, encourage investment at home instead of abroad, and improve our balance of payments and will help make us all – individuals and as a nation – help us make the most of our economic resources.”

President John F. Kennedy, a Democrat
August 13, 1962

full text

snow rant

Every winter I get in trouble with my Southern friends because I complain that the snow we get isn’t really snow. I’ve tried hard this year to restrain myself.

This last week we got the Big Blizzard of 2010 – an “arctic blast” as termed by the trusty meteorologists down at Channel 4. Stores ran out of milk and bread, school was called off for three days. My doctor’s office even shut down and canceled my appointment.

Snow removal trucks were sent out far and wide to protect us from deadly black ice, which comes in the middle of the night to steal away small children and pets.

Here’s a view down our hill after the big storm.  PS: All that white stuff is road salt to protect us from the 4 inches of snow that never did come.

how to be seth godin

How to be Seth Godin in four easy steps…

Step 1: Identify an ordinary object.
Like a faucet, or a door, or a car tire, or a picture frame. I’ll choose a plunger.

Step 2: Tell people how that ordinary object isn’t all that great.
Plungers are dirty and gross. Their only job is to shove poop down a plugged up toilet. Plus they stink when you’re done using them.

Step 3: Conjure up some statistic. Godin-Points for attributing your statistic to a well known organization.
According to the Federal Bureau On Septic Waste, only 1 out of every 1,079 toilet uses require the use of a plunger, which is like a really really small percentage.

Step 4: Tell people why you shouldn’t be like your ordinary object. Godin-Points for an ambiguous analogy of what they should be doing instead.
Bad marketing, like a plunger, forces a product down the throats of consumers while the market is already clogged with other products just like yours that no one really wants. A good toilet doesn’t need a plunger; it needs better water pressure.

Save. Publish. Shave your head. Relish the glory of Godin-Points. Hallelujah. Purple cow. Amen.