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how to be seth godin

How to be Seth Godin in four easy steps…

Step 1: Identify an ordinary object.
Like a faucet, or a door, or a car tire, or a picture frame. I’ll choose a plunger.

Step 2: Tell people how that ordinary object isn’t all that great.
Plungers are dirty and gross. Their only job is to shove poop down a plugged up toilet. Plus they stink when you’re done using them.

Step 3: Conjure up some statistic. Godin-Points for attributing your statistic to a well known organization.
According to the Federal Bureau On Septic Waste, only 1 out of every 1,079 toilet uses require the use of a plunger, which is like a really really small percentage.

Step 4: Tell people why you shouldn’t be like your ordinary object. Godin-Points for an ambiguous analogy of what they should be doing instead.
Bad marketing, like a plunger, forces a product down the throats of consumers while the market is already clogged with other products just like yours that no one really wants. A good toilet doesn’t need a plunger; it needs better water pressure.

Save. Publish. Shave your head. Relish the glory of Godin-Points. Hallelujah. Purple cow. Amen.

advertising in a recession

Advertising messages are becoming more and more complicated as we dive into this recession. The message used to be:

“You like this product. Go buy this product!!”

But now it’s getting messy. For instance, on the radio last night I heard a commercial from a local jewelery company. If I can remember correctly, I think this is the basic premise of the message they were trying to communicate to me:

  1. We are in a recession and times are tough.
  2. And you don’t have as much money to spend on Christmas gifts this year.
  3. Therefore you need to make sure you are getting the most of out of your money in the gifts you buy.
  4. You get the most out of your money when the gifts you buy really make your loved ones feel special.
  5. Therefore you need to show your loved ones you really care about them by shopping for a fine piece of jewelry from our store.
  6. You’ll find that while our jewelry is not the cheapest in town, it is extremely high quality.
  7. Your loved ones will feel special by receiving such a high quality piece of jewelry, knowing you went to great lengths to sacrifice during these difficult times.
  8. And making your loved ones feel special is of course the true spirit of Christmas… isn’t it? Isn’t it??

Christmas certainly got messy this year didn’t it?