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outback steakhouse

Steph and I just got done gorging ourselves at Outback like it was the last full meal we’d ever eat as a childless couple. No, the baby’s not coming tomorrow, but we’re trying to make the most of every evening we have from here until kickoff.

But it reminded me of the fact that I actually applied for a job at this particular Outback my first couple months out of college. I was desperate and in dire need of money. And since they say everyone in the music industry gets their start working at a restaurant, I figured why not give it a shot? So I filled out my application (man it was spectacular) and I went in for my meeting with the manager.

He glanced at my app and we made pleasant conversation for about 37 seconds, after which he told me  that I – a double-major, recent graduate with honors from business school – was unqualified for a position at Outback Steakhouse.

…. sigh…

It’s alright. I’d rather eat their steak than serve their steak.

top albums of 2010

I kinda forgot to publish my Top 10 albums of 2010. My apologies to the three people who actually rely on me for musical advice.

To be honest, most of my year was consumed with albums #1 and #2, and both came out at the beginning of the year. We saw Mumford & Sons twice which was incredible. And the Jónsi show has to be seen to be believed. Sadly (but not that sadly because they’re great) whenever I was needing something to listen to I defaulted to these two nine times out of ten.

That being said, I’m not the one to ask on 2010 music, so don’t even bother looking at this.

  1. Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
  2. Jónsi – Go
  3. Brandon Flowers – Flamingo
  4. Beach House – Teen Dream
  5. She & Him – Volume 2
  6. Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History
  7. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
  8. Vampire Weekend – Contra
  9. Gungor – Beautiful Things
  10. and of course Jónsi – Go Live

jónsi: Concert Timelapse at The Wiltern Theatre from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo.
Timelapse film of jónsi’s concert at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Oct. 17, 2010.
Music: Sinking Friendships by Jónsi. Recorded live at The Wiltern.

mistake (?)

I am not a runner. And so I do not run.

Yet all of my friends run.

About a year and a half ago I decided I was going to try running. I probably guilted myself into it because all of my friends run. And so I went and bought my first pair of running shoes, and some running shorts, and socks to wear with my running shoes. Then I started running.

I stink at running.

I’m going to blame it on the church. We live in this townhome development that is not very conducive to running. We have one sidewalk that starts at the top of our neighborhood by our house and then goes straight down for half a mile where it empties out into a highway. And that’s no fun. So naturally, when I run I go to the parking lot of the church next door. It’s one of those mega-churches (so to speak) with a huge parking lot – one in which they have a shuttle service to get churchgoers from the back of the parking lot to the church doors. It’s slightly less hilly than our neighborhood.

I should say it looks slightly less hilly.

When I ran it for the first time and made the turn onto the “big hill” that goes straight up for about 7 miles I nearly died.

That’s a lie. My body would never live long enough to run 7 miles.

For some reason I got the crazy idea in my head this year that I want to run a 5k. I’ve been avoiding this calling for a long time, and by “calling” I mean enduring all of my star-athlete running friends who love to run pestering me every other week to join them for a leisurely marathon.

For reasons still unknown I felt compelled to share this desire to run a 5k with some of my star-athlete running friends last night. Good gosh what have I done?

So, here I am, documenting for posterity the fact that this year, 2011, I’m going to be a runner.

…………… oooh boy……..

baby update and a new blog

Two things of note. First, we got ourselves a nursery all set to go. Second, to keep you up on the happenings of the soon-to-be-expanding Burns family, Steph and I have started a new blog at! Hopefully we’ll get Steph writing on there very soon to update you on the antics of our son.

So for pictures of the nursery, and to keep up on all things Burns-family-esque, head on over there!