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snow rant

Every winter I get in trouble with my Southern friends because I complain that the snow we get isn’t really snow. I’ve tried hard this year to restrain myself.

This last week we got the Big Blizzard of 2010 – an “arctic blast” as termed by the trusty meteorologists down at Channel 4. Stores ran out of milk and bread, school was called off for three days. My doctor’s office even shut down and canceled my appointment.

Snow removal trucks were sent out far and wide to protect us from deadly black ice, which comes in the middle of the night to steal away small children and pets.

Here’s a view down our hill after the big storm.  PS: All that white stuff is road salt to protect us from the 4 inches of snow that never did come.

how to be seth godin

How to be Seth Godin in four easy steps…

Step 1: Identify an ordinary object.
Like a faucet, or a door, or a car tire, or a picture frame. I’ll choose a plunger.

Step 2: Tell people how that ordinary object isn’t all that great.
Plungers are dirty and gross. Their only job is to shove poop down a plugged up toilet. Plus they stink when you’re done using them.

Step 3: Conjure up some statistic. Godin-Points for attributing your statistic to a well known organization.
According to the Federal Bureau On Septic Waste, only 1 out of every 1,079 toilet uses require the use of a plunger, which is like a really really small percentage.

Step 4: Tell people why you shouldn’t be like your ordinary object. Godin-Points for an ambiguous analogy of what they should be doing instead.
Bad marketing, like a plunger, forces a product down the throats of consumers while the market is already clogged with other products just like yours that no one really wants. A good toilet doesn’t need a plunger; it needs better water pressure.

Save. Publish. Shave your head. Relish the glory of Godin-Points. Hallelujah. Purple cow. Amen.