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eli: arrival, pictures, video

Elijah Cash Burns is here and well! Born January 26th in a speeding hurry. Unlikely that this is news to you by now, but in case you need to play catch up…

And that is all. Happy day to you.

baby update and a new blog

Two things of note. First, we got ourselves a nursery all set to go. Second, to keep you up on the happenings of the soon-to-be-expanding Burns family, Steph and I have started a new blog at! Hopefully we’ll get Steph writing on there very soon to update you on the antics of our son.

So for pictures of the nursery, and to keep up on all things Burns-family-esque, head on over there!

baby burnshead!

So, we’re gonna have a baby!! Yeah, I know – that’s old news by now. And I’m a bad father for blogging about this for the first time as we enter the third trimester. Better late than never.

So here’s a picture of the little guy! I think he looks pretty good. Here’s what we know about him so far: He’s a fan of one of our favorite bands, Mumford & Sons, because he dances every time he hears it. Church and worship music seem to make him really calm. And this just learned today – ‘N Sync gets him really excited. Sigh… can’t win all of them.

Some of our wonderful friends threw a shower for Steph today and it’s exciting to see all of the cool baby stuff piling up in our guest bedroom. I did not attend the shower, but after seeing the pictures of the full ice cream bar I kinda wish I had.