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five musical collaborations i’d love to hear

This is a short, somewhat tacky, and by no means exhaustive list of musical collaborations I would love to hear. Click the little linky-links to hear songs if you like musics. Tell me what collaborations you would like to hear in the comments below:

Ryan Adams & Mindy Smith
Performing “La Cienga Just Smiled” and “Out Loud
Two depression-prone alt-country folk singers performing together like this will likely cause some cataclysmic event in the music world from which we will never recover (not a good thing, considering the shape of the industry right now). Nonetheless, this would be a great pairing I think. If I was mean I would have Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams sing “Summer Of 69” together, but I like Ryan too much to do that to him. Two great songwriters and great voices.

Sigur Ros & Regina Spektor
Performing “Hoppipolla
I have no idea what this would sound like in my mind. Sigur Ros, my favorite “mood” band, and Regina is just a really talented songwriter that would somehow have to merge her Russian-pop sentiments into the gobbledigookish lyrics and sounds of Iceland. I’m willing to give it a try though. Sounds fun.

Battle Of The Bruce’s: Springsteen & Hornsby
Performing “Thunder Road
Two of my favorites from 80’s-era arena rock. Bruce Springsteen has an awesome keyboards guy already in Roy Bittan, but I love Hornby’s sound… really bright and punchy. Go ahead, find a better rock piano man than Bruce Hornsby… seriously, name one off right now. Have a name in mind? Ok, now listen to this – Bruce Hornsby “The Way It Is”, recorded live for Here Come The Noisemakers. I just proved that there is no better rock piano man. “Thunder Road”… what an amazing (dare I say epic) song, kicking off possibly my favorite album of all time, Born To Run.

John Hiatt & Mandy Moore
Performing “Have A Little Faith
It’s kind of a cheesy song, but I like it a lot. Both Hiatt and Moore have recorded covers of “Have A Little Faith”. Hiatt has a classic soul voice and Moore has great tone and range. It would be a great recording. Of all the girls to come out of the late-90’s teen pop debacle, Mandy was the only one I ever thought had any real musical talent (is a good actress too), and isn’t certifiably dumb.

Sting & Delirious
Performing “Every Breath You Take
Martin Smith of Delirious once said that if he could have anyone cover “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever” it would be Sting. Seems like a natural pairing. Lets have Delirious provide the band and Sting and Martin duke it out on vocals. It would force Sting to be both rock and British once again, instead of that Middle-Eastern-gypsy-goofiness he prefers now… not that there’s anything wrong with that.