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advertising in a recession

Advertising messages are becoming more and more complicated as we dive into this recession. The message used to be:

“You like this product. Go buy this product!!”

But now it’s getting messy. For instance, on the radio last night I heard a commercial from a local jewelery company. If I can remember correctly, I think this is the basic premise of the message they were trying to communicate to me:

  1. We are in a recession and times are tough.
  2. And you don’t have as much money to spend on Christmas gifts this year.
  3. Therefore you need to make sure you are getting the most of out of your money in the gifts you buy.
  4. You get the most out of your money when the gifts you buy really make your loved ones feel special.
  5. Therefore you need to show your loved ones you really care about them by shopping for a fine piece of jewelry from our store.
  6. You’ll find that while our jewelry is not the cheapest in town, it is extremely high quality.
  7. Your loved ones will feel special by receiving such a high quality piece of jewelry, knowing you went to great lengths to sacrifice during these difficult times.
  8. And making your loved ones feel special is of course the true spirit of Christmas… isn’t it? Isn’t it??

Christmas certainly got messy this year didn’t it?

i want to be like that

I just received the kindest, most genuine, most encouraging and uplifting email from one of the men I most admire and respect in this world.

I used to work with this particular guy. He is an executive within the company, well respected across the industry, and certainly at the top of his class in his particular field. He is brilliant, passionate and intimidating. You don’t want to sit across the table from him. Not necessarily the type of person you’d generally expect a kind, genuine, encouraging email from.

And yet in the last few years I’ve gotten to know this man, I’ve come to realize that at his core he is a person who cares deeply for other people. He is compassionate and wise. He speaks with truth into your life, directly and honestly. That’s not to say he is putting on an outward front in his professional life – he really is brilliant and intimidating, and that is the result of how much he loves his job.

But it’s been incredible to get to see this personal side of him the last few years. Humbling that I get to experience this side of him. And I think to myself, ‘I want to be like that’ – to exude such grace and encouragement and kindness to other people, and to do it without hesitation. Who am I but just a little guy in his eyes – he’s an important executive – but he doesn’t care… really don’t think he even sees that. I’m just a friend, a brother to him. Just amazing to me.

I’m uplifted by the fact that I am encouraged by other people like this. I observe these traits and I want to see them in my own life.

I think that takes practice.

stop online piracy in five easy steps

This article popped up in my feed yesterday… all I could do was roll my eyes and share it with you. At first I was going to blame this on Reuters (mainstream media) attempting to offer insightful commentary on the music industry. Then I looked closer at the article credits today, saw Billboard was involved, and realized we’ve all been royally punk’d.

Anyways, according to people that think-they-know, these are the “Five Easy Steps” to cutting short the leak of your new hit record on the internets, including such worldly wisdom as…

COMMUNICATE WITH FANS: In cases where the leaked album is not the final version, artists and labels should get the word out to fans that what’s available online is not the finished product. The goal is to convince them to wait for the final, official version by promising better sound quality or other bonuses.

I mean, you’re kidding me right? Tell me these people aren’t serious. This article treats online piracy like it’s a couple four-year-olds screwing around in the back seat… “OK kids, settle down, or I’m turning this car around!” And seriously, the article title – Five Easy Steps To Plug Online Music Leaks – Really? Really??

While they’re at it, they should have thrown in a #6 – Call up the RIAA and have them sue the pants off everyone under the age of 20 on the pretense they’re “guilty-by-association”.