gedney: the minnesota pickle

We went home to Minnesota this weekend for the wedding of our good friend James. Great wedding, great to see old friends.

I imagine everyone has those things that make home, home. And hence the ridonkulously large jar of dill pickles. We grew up eating Gedney Pickles. They’re Minnesota grown and jarred in Chaska, MN, and their slogan is “the Minnesota pickle”, so we’re loyal to them. They taste great too!

Steph has an obsession with dill pickles – no she’s not pregnant – so my family was nice enough to take us to Sam’s Club and buy us this goofishly big bottle. I don’t know if you can tell or not from the picture, but that’s a full gallon there – a nearly 12 inch tall bottle! I’m sure it seems odd, but having a bottle of dill pickles grown in your home state on hand is one of those nice things that gives a sense of home when you live miles away.

Of course, now that I’m looking at the bottle, I see it says “Refrigerate After Opening”. We may need to buy an additional mini-fridge to accommodate.

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