steph bought me a goat for my birthday

My birthday was Monday. I meant to write this Tuesday, but I was busy, as was Wednesday and Thursday. Here we are on Friday, so now here is my update four days late.

Birthday was good. Friends took me to lunch at a favorite lunch stop – the Chile Burrito… authentic TexMex on a budget. Gotta love that.

Then later that evening Steph took me to the Genghis Grill, which is always a thrill. Get to pile a bunch of stuff into a little bowl and then watch the guys cook it on a big circular stone grill. Awesome.

Then Steph gave me my birthday present, which was really exciting. We’ve been wrestling with this for a few years… now that we’re married, going out and getting a birthday present, using dollars that we both worked for seems silly sometimes so we’re trying something new out. Instead of splurging on some gift that we don’t necessarily need, we’re going to help some other people out with our money.

So Steph got me a goat through World Vision. They offer a cool program where you can purchase actual tangible items – like a cow, or a well, or malaria vaccines – and they go directly to help people in need. So that’s what I get to do this weekend – go buy a goat for a family so they can provide themselves with fresh milk and cheese. Cool huh?

    • Melissa
    • May 16th, 2008

    you got the goat!! that is awesome! i wish all the gifts i got were things like that!

    • The Flash
    • May 19th, 2008

    I mean…what says happy birthday more than sending a goat to someone who needs it? Brilliant idea.

    By the way, sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Late Birthday!

    • Josh & Andrea
    • May 25th, 2008

    Hey man, sorry I missed the celebration of your birthing day. So Happy Birthday all the same.

    The goat gift is brilliant… brilliant!

    • Anonymous
    • June 7th, 2008

    a GOAT?! why am i just now hearing about this, burns?!

    ummm, congratulations on the goat! maybe someday you will get to meet him (or her!)


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