A Graphing Of Tim’s Bloggings

Over the last few months, a strange pattern has developed on the blog of my friend Uncle Tim. It’s sad, really, to see how a once prolific writer has simply disappeared from the blogging world.

Unfortunately, Tim is in denial of all this. He feels that the blogging world has up and left him – that no one out there is writing anymore, when in fact, he’s the one who has forgotten how to turn his computer on. Posts have been pretty minimal from Uncle Tim the last few months, and I miss his gluttonous musings on food and his incessant whining about cats.

I took it upon myself to demonstrate graphically how Tim’s bloggings have changed over time, and the visual impact is startling:

So Tim… if you’re out there, somewhere, reading this… come back.Post about how you’ve been binging on chocolate and beer over the the last two weeks since the Biggest Loser finale aired, and how you’re just not going to be able to control yourself until next season. Post about how you’ve somehow conned society into buying plastic Frisbees from you in order to make a living. Post about how you kidnapped your neighbor kid’s cat last week and taunted it with a pen light until 3:00 in the morning by making it run off the edge of your balcony.

A Concerned Subscriber

    • Caleb
    • April 28th, 2008

    Ok, this is hilarious!!! I just got done reading The Corporate Hack and noticed some interesting facts as well.

    Matt’s day at work.

    8:30AM Walk into cubicle with my eyes half open, listening to Carrie Underwood on my iPod and singing with my falsetto.

    9:00AM Still trying to open my eyes and find something to do, but I look really busy.

    9:38AM Post blog on The Corporate Hack about the United States Interstate Highway system. Very good stuff.

    9:45AM Still can’t find anything else to do…

    10:02AM Post blog on “this space for rent” about Tim’s lack of blogging. Including a very scientific graph.

    10:30AM Chat with Caleb on gmail ’til about 11:30AM

    11:30AM …still nothing to do… sit down in my comfy corner chair.

    11:45AM Sleeping in my comfy chair.

    5:30PM Wake up, pick up my wife and go home. What a great day.

    • burnshead
    • April 29th, 2008

    @ Caleb: I would respond to this and provide explanation, but I’m late for my Starbucks run

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