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vote for the trees

Our friends down at Emma Marketing are planting trees during SXSW week! Go vote for the trees here… leafy friends need your support.

the sugar!

I’ve been looking for this video for the longest time. This is a clip from stand-up comic Lavell Crawford, performing in the finals for Last Comic Standing Season 5. He had a lot of funny moments during the season, but this is one of my (and Steph’s) favorites… especially the very end:

movie theater hack and bird poopy

Steph and I saw two movies this weekend: Vantage Point and Jumper – both were very mediocre. I was really hoping for a lot more from Jumper as it was directed by the guy who did Bourne Supremacy / Ultimatum… but I guess the director isn’t the script writer is he… it all starts with a good story, and this was just really lacking.

But anyways, we learned something fun for those of you who are Nashville residents. As with most movie theaters if you buy a large popcorn you can keep your bag and come back at a later time for a free refill. And most theaters, upon redeeming your free refill, will stamp your popcorn bag with a date so that you cannot get more than one refill. Well, we did that this weekend at the Carmike Thoroughbred in Cool Springs, but guess what… they didn’t stamp our bag!

I’m not sure if this is standard practice – not stamping the bag – or if it was just an oversight by one employee. But with our saved large popcorn bag we essentially have free movie popcorn, indefinitely, from now on. Now that’s just fun. AND, you can get refills on your large Coke cup as well, and the cup wasn’t stamped either… fantastic!!

In other news, I was randomly pooped on the head by an invisible bird yesterday afternoon. That was gross.

random monday update

I’m just going to tell you right now this will be a boring post. If you want to be really bored, keep on reading:

I go to San Francisco this week for a sales meeting with a fruit company. That should be interesting.

Gotta give props to Flash for the great recommendation on the band Stateless… really liking this self-titled album. It’s an interesting blend of Brit-rock, electronic trip-hop, and ambient soundscapes. There are elements of Radiohead, Massive Attack, and a hint of Sigur Ros throughout… all good influences.

While I’m talking about Flash, head on over to his blog to answer his question of the week about embryonic stem cell research. I don’t know what my answer is yet.

Twitter is interesting. I find this strange compulsion to broadcast my rageful inner thoughts on the thing, and somehow at the last second find the willpower to not press ‘send’.

I’ve heard of people having internet addictions. I wonder if I’m coming down with one.

Prison Break is over for this season. I really thought they were going to end it this time around, but looks like we will have another season. I like the show a lot, though the beginning of this their third season was a little far fetched. Oh well, just a TV show right?

Something walloped our house in the middle of the night two nights ago. Like really hard… I thought there would be a dent in the side of the house. There wasn’t.

George Bush Sr. “endorses John McCain” today. Goodie.

I agree with Tim that the Knight Rider movie Sunday night was an absolute travesty. I gotta admit that I was really looking forward to it, and also gotta admit that I couldn’t stand more than about 8 minutes of that horrendous show.

Tim also says piano playing is for stupid heads… yeah, I’m just gonna let that one sit.

defining artistic brilliance

It’s so difficult to find artists these days that are truly re-defining in their sound and ushering in a new era of popular music. Hats off to this fine group that has taken a classic hit and reworked it in a truly fresh way while still maintaining a sincere and brilliant retro flavor…

twittle-dee, twittle-dum

I finally signed up for Twitter. If you care to hear my random thoughts as the day progresses you can find me at

what was your favorite superbowl commercial?

There were some good ones, and some less than mediocre ones last night. What was your favorite Superbowl commercial?

you can get drunk off water

One of the more memorable random quotes from the college roommates back in the day was Eric announcing one evening that, yes “You can get drunk off water!”

The way Eric delivers all of his anecdotes about life is just humorous, so we figured he was just joking around. Plus he’s a random guy to begin with so you weigh heavily the seriousness of everything he says. So we laughed about it, he swore it was fact, and so on.

Well, turns out Eric was right. A couple years later I came across an article indicating that you can in fact “get drunk off water.”

Then today I’m reviewing my daily news feed, and low and behold, some guy in the U.K. drank too much water and died. An unfortunate story. But can you imagine the amount of water you’d have to drink to actually make this happen?

bud and vern

Here is the final post regarding our adventures over Christmas this year recounting truly Minnesotan experiences:

This one tops them all… Grandpa Fjordbak’s birthday falls during Christmas week, so while we were visiting him at the nursing home where he stays, they had a birthday party en masse for all the birthdays that occur during the month of December. It was celebrated with your typical fruit punch and cake in the dining hall, but the best part of the event was the entertainment they hired out for the afternoon… “Bud And Vern”, the local polka band.

It was a truly Norwegian afternoon….

whirly swirly tirly

Ugh, it only took, what, five days… finally feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things at work.

We all crowded into the stairwell at the office today to suffer through a tornado warning together. Oh wait… isn’t it January?