you can get drunk off water

One of the more memorable random quotes from the college roommates back in the day was Eric announcing one evening that, yes “You can get drunk off water!”

The way Eric delivers all of his anecdotes about life is just humorous, so we figured he was just joking around. Plus he’s a random guy to begin with so you weigh heavily the seriousness of everything he says. So we laughed about it, he swore it was fact, and so on.

Well, turns out Eric was right. A couple years later I came across an article indicating that you can in fact “get drunk off water.”

Then today I’m reviewing my daily news feed, and low and behold, some guy in the U.K. drank too much water and died. An unfortunate story. But can you imagine the amount of water you’d have to drink to actually make this happen?

    • Kristin
    • February 2nd, 2008

    This is true. 8). Last year here in WI, some radio station had a terrible idea for a contest that whoever could drink the most water and not go to the bathroom would win an XBox 360. Well, some mom tried to win it for her son and died. I can’t remember how many nurses called in to the radio station that day and told the DJ not to do this contest. I don’t recall hearing what happened to the radio station/DJ after that. i know it sounds so silly, but it is very bad to drink lots and lots of water and not go to the bathroom.

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