Collegiate Peaks Wilderness: Day 1

I’ll be writing a few posts on our 2008 backpacking trip to the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in Colorado. You can see a Google Map of our hike and all of the pictures of from our trip on Flickr.

July 27, 2008

Today after buying our last supplies in Pueblo, CO and a late lunch at Arby’s – our last meal – we headed west towards Canon City, up the Arkansas River Valley towards Salida. We stopped briefly in Buena Vista and then made our first ascent into the mountains, driving West into the San Isabel National forest, and The Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area.

We’ll spend the next five days hiking the area around the base of Mt. Yale and surrounding peaks with my Dad, Mom, brother (Josh), sister (Rachel), and Steph. Our first night here we’re spending ‘car camping‘ at a roadside campsite – the Denny Creek Campground. It’s relatively cool tonight and overcast – the forecast said it would be about 45-50 degrees tonight . My pack is pretty heavy – definitely the heaviest I’ve ever carried on a trip like this, and my camera gear is to blame. I even dropped 5 lbs of food this morning at the hotel, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

After setting up camp, Dad was in charge of our first camp supper, which was dehydrated spaghetti. And after supper we drove up to Cottonwood Pass to take a few pictures and go for a quick walk. We saw a moose on the drive back down, but it moved too fast between the trees to get a picture.

Tomorrow morning we’ll start hiking from the Continental Divide at Cottonwood Pass – elevation 12,000 ft.

    • uncle tim
    • August 26th, 2008

    isn’t spaghetti already dehydrated?

    • burnshead
    • August 26th, 2008

    @uncle tim: what? who is this? do i know you?

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