10 states in 10 days

Well, we’re back, and wow, what a trip. I look forward to spending a few posts to ‘unpack’ the trip, especially the backpacking portion. But to kick things off I thought it would be fun to start simply with a cartographic representation of our trip. This will go to great lengths to demonstrate just how nerdy I am.

10 states in 10 days was accomplished by leaving Nashville and heading north towards Kentucky, then Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado. We changed things up a bit for the return trip and visited some new states, starting with New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and finally back home to Tennessee.

Anyways, check out this handy dandy Google map I made of our trip. You can see our route, and you can also click on the place-markers to see some comments and pictures.

    • Anonymous
    • August 7th, 2008

    no nerd here, burns…that was a great idea!


    • Melissa
    • August 10th, 2008

    i still cant believe y’all drove through little rock and i wasnt here…that was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity!!! i hope your future posts come quickly and include pictures. i just got back from colorado today – a few pictures (most cheesy) from my trip are up on facebook.

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