who’s brooks and done?

Steph works at a horse hospital. To be technical, an equine hospital. But equine means “of or relating to horses”, so she works at an of or relating to horses hospital. Nevertheless…

Being that Steph works at a horse hospital, she also works around horse people, and horse people in Nashville are more often than not filthy rich. That being the case, she is sometimes privy to certain opportunities us regular people are not privy too. One such opportunity occurred tonight.

Apparently there’s some big horse-type event going on this week in Nashville called the Futurity. I asked all night what futurity means but was not provided any solid answers. Again consulting my friend Webster, it’s a horse race for two year olds in which competitors are nominated at birth. This will become the most educational blog on the web.

So tonight is the big celebration – a big private party for horse lovers hosted by none other than Brooks & Dunn. Believe it or not, I have lived in Nashville for six years and have never had a true country music experience. Tonight was my time.

I learned many things tonight. Too many to name here. For starters, let’s just say that 400 cowboys + open bar = 400 cowboys who should not be riding their horses home.

Steph is quite certain that somebody spiked her Southern Baptist Convention approved Coca-Cola. Who knows. Granted, she is out like a light right now… we’ll find out tomorrow I guess.

And you know those people at concerts who have this otherworldly ability to roll their tongue and whistle really loud? No, I don’t mean really loud… I mean ear piercing shriek, like the Nazgul from Lord Of The Rings. Scary creatures. I do not like you people. I always end up standing in front of you at concerts. I will knock you out next time.

But anyways… Brooks & Dunn. I’m not a fan of country music, and have never claimed to be, but let me be fair and go on record and just say their band was really tight tonight. Amazing good, and really solid. They put on a fine show. Their fiddle player and lead guitarist rocked it. Good times. I knew absolutely none of the songs, but still good times. There were 400 inebriated cowboys at the show who would all concur as well.

Favorite Moment Of The Evening: Definitely observing the security guard at the end of the show who was wearing a polo shirt that read “Rock Solid Security – Polite But Firm”. For reasons unknown he was trying to manage 7 doors at once, and by manage I mean he was frantically running between six of them with arms outstretched, trying to keep people from exiting while ushering them all through the one open door on the far right hand side. And I’m not sure why it mattered because all of the doors just emptied out into the lobby anyways.

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    • uncle tim
    • September 18th, 2006

    I’m disappointed in you…you put a musician’s endorsement on country music. Actually, it’s good to hear that some country bands are tight on stage, because most of the stuff our there is just awful, like teeny-girl pop awful.

    Did you ride your horse to the event? Are cars allowed at such a thing?

    • Janet
    • September 19th, 2006

    I love country music! And I’m a pretty bag fan of Brooks & Dunn 🙂

    • Baron von Bauerick
    • November 6th, 2006

    New York Times headline reads:

    Flint and Steel endorses country music!

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