and the cat likes water…

So Steph and I got ourselves a kitten not too long ago. He’s black. He’s little. He’s cute. His name is Linus. And he’s an absolute terror when it comes to anything that is shiny, is made of fabric, or makes noise.

The plastic grocery bags fall in the “make noise” category. He likes to play in them after we’ve emptied all the groceries out and loves that they make a crinkly noise whenever he steps on them or bats them around with his paws. This is all fine and well until he gets his neck stuck through the little handle… then he can’t get away from the bag and it follows him through the kitchen as he tries to get away from it. Then it gets caught between his feet and the hardwood floor and he slips, and falls, and meows, and waits for us to help him out.

Today we’re in the bathroom and Linus jumps up, and into, the empty bathtub. So we thought, lets have some fun – see what he does if we turn the water on a bit… and he started to drink it. So we changed a bit to a lot and turned the water on full blast, threw the plug down, and watched him. And he just sat there, playing with the water, until it was all the way up to the top of his back. He started “swimming” around… so apparently the cat likes water. Crazy. So that’s our cat.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Linus in the tub while I go pull him off Steph’s face….

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    • uncle tim
    • September 14th, 2006

    if you start doing this regularly, I’ll link to you so the masses (read: the 5 people that read my blog) will come see yours!
    cute cat…too bad cats come directly from the pit of hell.

    • Janet
    • September 14th, 2006

    I wish my cats like water! That would make me happy 🙂 I love the picture! Keep up the blogging 🙂

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