two disturbing discoveries and one unsettling experience

I came across two disturbing news stories today and one unsettling experience. This left me feeling, well, quite dissettled:

First, Iceland is bankrupt and it’s government has failed. I had read that the country’s banks were going bankrupt in October, but it seems as though things have really taken a turn for the worse today with the Prime Minister resigning and “disbanding the government”. I don’t even understand what that means – disband the government. This makes me sad.

Second, Steph and I are fans of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Yes, he’s got a bit of a foul mouth but his shows – Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen – are fantastic, and the guy has a culinary gift. That said, recent reports seem to indicate that there have been some financial issues creeping up on him, including two years of back taxes past due and the imminent sale of two of his under performing London restaurants. The report goes on to stir up a storm about supposed marital infidelity, but the facts here seem a bit contradictory. All that to say, I wish the best for Gordon and his family and I’m hoping the reports error on the side of the sensational, and that he comes through all of this in weeks to come.

Finally, I ate at Taco Bell today. As I’m waiting for my three crunchy tacos a guy who has ordered a single burrito proceeds to start a hissy fit at the counter because his order was not placed on a plastic tray. He picks it up, goes to sit down at his table, and then returns to the counter with his wrapped burrito where he engages in an argument with the cashier about how “I ordered this for here and you’re supposed to put it on a tray! I paid for a tray! So put it on a tray!!” He smacks the burrito down on the counter and waits to be given the greasy, brown plastic tray he deserves. The cashier proceeds to hand him a tray, and gingerly places the burrito on it. Weird.

Thanks for reading about my dissettling day.

    • Emmett Stallings
    • January 27th, 2009

    so I had to google about the iceland collapse- weird and freaky, but oddly interesting at the same time . . .

    Chef ramsay, brilliant, I have seen hell’s kitchen a handful of times, crazy, but inspriing, or interesting, might be a better word 🙂

    and an your taco bell experience . . I think that places you either in the twilight zone, or in the bermuda triangle . . SUPER weird . . . .

    • Meg Shifrin
    • January 28th, 2009

    this makes me sad…. all of it.

    it’s seems very easy for us as americans to become focused on the economic situation here that we forget that our current state is so much more stable than that of the rest of the world.

    as for gordon, did you know that he used to be a professional soccer player? i didn’t….but dave did…. and he told me.

    trays at fast food restaurants are nasty. think about how many hands touch those things and how much greasy food is slathered on them daily, trapping gross bacteria. that guy must have been a little sick in his head.

    • burnshead
    • January 28th, 2009


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