british sea power: do you like rock music?

Epic, sweeping, and decidedly British… what’s not to like about British Sea Power‘s third album Do You Like Rock Music? Welcome to album #2 in my series of “Five favorite albums that aren’t available on Napster, but are available on Imeem”.

Admittedly, critics didn’t care for this album much, comparing their epic attempts to 2001-era U2. In their defense, I really don’t feel that this record feels forced in arena-rock attempts. While U2 has ended up sounding relatively formulaic in recent releases with predictable moments of sonic largeness, Do You Like Rock Music? is seamless and seems to flows naturally. I don’t pick up on any absurd attempts to simulate a yellow-sunglasses encased uber-cartoonish rock star.

Form your own opinion I guess, but if you like this album you definitely need to check our their previous release as well, Open Season, which as luck would have it, is available on Napster.

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    • jalash
    • April 1st, 2008

    I’m starting to detect a theme. How many more British bands will make the list I wonder? Hmmm…

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