the google mapping

Two posts regarding Google in two days… I’m sorry. But this is amazingly fascinating.

Of course everyone knows that Google Maps is the preferred way to view streets and avenues in the online world. A while back Google rolled out a “My Maps” function, a capability allowing users to overlay makers, lines and polygons on top of the existing Google map in order to create their own custom maps. Each element comes with an editable HTML tag and the ability to use the Google “Directions” tool to map directions to and from the element. “My Maps” are stored (publicly or privately) in the users Google profile. It’s a really neat tool, but one I didn’t fully appreciate until yesterday.

We have some friends coming over for a little Christmas dinner tonight. Since they haven’t been to our house before, they asked me to email them directions. We live in a townhome community, and with 300 houses that all looks the same, it can sometimes be confusing to direct people there… so I create a Google “My Map” to help get them there, complete with a little blue line showing where our driveway is, and a marker indicating where our house is. I edited the marker to show our address, some directions on navigating the subdivision, as well as a photo of our house… NEAT!!!

Of course, since I’ve made this map publicly available on my Google profile, that probably means creepy stalkers from across the country will be staking out my house. Fantastic……

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