moleskine junkie

I’ve become a quick fan of the classy notebook known as the Moleskine, the black bound, hard cover booklet great for jotting notes, brainstorming ideas, and logging travel notes. They’re simple with more emphasis placed on providing a quality place to capture your ideas than creating some pretty ornament for your bookshelf.

I actually wasn’t familiar with the Moleskine brand until I began to dig into the GTD way of life, but these little books are perfect in so many ways. For my day-to-day To-Do Item capturing I opted for the large square-ruled notebook… I like the graph paper element because it works well with creating list items and sketching quick graphs and diagrams in the course of the work day. And just this weekend I bought myself a second notebook to keep as a journal / sermon notes book. This time I went for the simple ruled-notebook which is much cleaner for pages and pages of text.

A relatively new product in the Moleskine lineup are their “City Notebooks“. The small, pocket sized booklets come branded with a certain city (such as Amersterdam, Dublin, Boston, or Seattle), and include such items as a city map, subway maps, and pre-tabbed sections for Food, Drinks, People, & Places. The idea is that it comes with just enough information to get you started in a city, but with plenty of blank space to log your own travels… the end result, you’ve written your tour guide yourself and have made the trip your own. Pretty cool concept.

Moleskine notebooks – not actually manufactured from the skins of innocent moles, might I add – available at most local bookstores. They’re a good buy.

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