two posts on productivity

This week I’m going to write two posts on productivity, particularly as it applies to me being productive. This is the first post. The second hasn’t been written yet. The other has now been written.

I had a revelation within the last two weeks: I constantly struggle to keep myself motivated throughout the day at work, regardless of how much I have going on or how interested / uninterested I am in doing the work I need to do. And it seems that if I start off slow at work, more often than not, the entire day is going to be sluggish and I won’t get much accomplished.

But I’ve found a way to “jumpstart” myself in the mornings when I get to work. I probably could never actually tell an employer that I do this, as they would see it as decidedly unproductive, but I find this little activity helps me put to good use the remaining hours in the day.

And guess what – the activity is blogging. I find that if I spend 20-30 minutes each morning catching up on posts I find interesting, commenting on friend’s blogs, and writing something myself, it somehow gets the proverbial “creative juices” flowing. I guess it’s kind of like a little mind stretch – a work warm-up, if you will.

So there you go. Not that exciting I guess, but it was an epiphany for me.

Well, it was an ephiphany, but not really an epiphany [Adam].

So if you feel unproductive today, comment on my blog, and then go write something yourself, and tomorrow morning I’ll come and read yours.

    • Melissa
    • December 3rd, 2007

    hahaha i like it!! my friend told me something similar – she is doing something where she gets up and first thing in the mornings spends 30-45 minutes just writing down everything that’s on her mind. that way, it’s like she’s said it, made her point, or at least gotten the mess in her brain on paper, so that she can leave it there, or come back to it later, and be free to do other things in the meantime! i thought it was a great idea, but i dont know if i can handle getting up any earlier 🙂 therefore using the first 30 minutes of your workday sounds brilliant!

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