Christian Music Part 1: What Makes Good Music?

My friend Tim and I are co-writing a blog series together about the woes of the Christian music industry… me from the perspective of someone in the industry, he from the perspective of a consumer and fellow musician. I invite you to check out the rant, give us your thoughts, and share hateful comments. Here’s an excerpt from the first post…

“… We need to remember that it’s ultimately God who leads people to Him, and it’s with the interaction and relationships of people that He generally uses to bring people towards Him. Music is a tool and a gift for us to use in aiding this process, but it it dangerous to view it as the means. God is the means, and we are often His method – the things we have influence over are merely devices at our disposal… There are undoubtedly people that have become Christians via songs like “Blindman” or “Humble Thyself” or even “Days of Elijah”… but that in itself doesn’t deem those good songs. One thing we’re tiring of is Christian artists being given an excuse not to write innovative or pioneering songs….”

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    • Janet
    • July 17th, 2007

    This is such a great post. Some things have been bothering me with Christian music lately and I think you guys hit the nail on the head. It’s so frustrating because I would like to listen to more Christian music, but I get so bored with it.

    • Sam
    • July 23rd, 2007

    I have been thinking on this topic myself lately. I think you guys got it right. I’m no music expert, but like your friend Janet said, it gets kinda boring. There are some songs I truly like, find meaningful, and have a good sound. However, I often find myself only listening to the Christian station out of guilt. Why is the creativity of Christian musicians squelched?

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