blogs are like dead rabbits falling from pine trees

I was sick yesterday – that was a whole lot of no fun. But I got a day off of work, and I tell you what… sleeping until 1PM and watching crappy daytime TV the rest of the afternoon wasn’t a bad tradeoff. All of that reminded me once again of how strong a proponent I am for the four day work week. I think I would gladly sacrifice a few extra hours during the week in order to justify having a three day weekend four times a month. How awesome would that be?

I got a rousing welcome into the blogging world by Uncle Tim today. Thanks Tim. Tim thinks that my blog is entirely based around making fun of him, which is an interesting concept (and one to consider), but not entirely true. However, I realized that the vast majority of my posts have been relatively sarcastic in nature, and it was always my intention to have a blog that fairly balanced a sarcastic view of life with a healthy dose of meaningful discussion.

The thing is, I haven’t been all that stimulated with any deep thought provoking life questions recently. I almost feel that since I left college I haven’t been asking many deep thought provoking life questions. I feel bad about that, because it kind of points to the direction of my spiritual life in general – it’s important to stay sharp and focused by asking those types of questions, and more often than not I’m not giving that area too much attention.

So, to change the direction of this ship and rattle some cages I’m tempted to throw something out there like “Anyone who wasn’t baptized as an infant is not truly saved”. I doubt that would go anywhere though. Of course the one time Tim asked a serious question on his blog it flopped like a dead rabbit falling from a pine tree, so maybe seriousness isn’t the direction to go on blogs.

No one has taken me up on my standing offer to talk about anything though. After all, this space is for rent and we can talk about anything for a nominal fee. And the fee isn’t all that bad… you just have to put up with Tim’s sarcastic remarks as he makes a mockery of us all. So I have an idea, you should offer me some good deep topics to dig into and then I’ll return a response supported by my heathen Methodist upbringing. It will be awesome.

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    • Baron von Bauerick
    • November 16th, 2006

    The big question I’m preparing for in Philosophy:

    Does money buy happiness?

    I take this view on it:
    If money doesn’t buy you happiness, it can at least help you make someone you dislike unhappy. You can go to a hated relative’s birthday party and give them a $10 gift cerificate and a $1,000 cake. “I didn’t know if you wanted money, but I knew you loved chocolate. Happy birthday!”

    • uncle tim
    • November 17th, 2006

    no no no! When in doubt, always be sarcastic Matt! Talk about your tractor collection or your brother’s unhealthy obsession with Pez (ok, I’m just jealous of his cool dispensers), or talk about how you shine your trumpet like it’s a priceless artifact, or….ok, talk about music. I like when you talk about music, you’re all smart with it and stuff. I just like pretty noises.

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