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movie theater hack and bird poopy

Steph and I saw two movies this weekend: Vantage Point and Jumper – both were very mediocre. I was really hoping for a lot more from Jumper as it was directed by the guy who did Bourne Supremacy / Ultimatum… but I guess the director isn’t the script writer is he… it all starts with a good story, and this was just really lacking.

But anyways, we learned something fun for those of you who are Nashville residents. As with most movie theaters if you buy a large popcorn you can keep your bag and come back at a later time for a free refill. And most theaters, upon redeeming your free refill, will stamp your popcorn bag with a date so that you cannot get more than one refill. Well, we did that this weekend at the Carmike Thoroughbred in Cool Springs, but guess what… they didn’t stamp our bag!

I’m not sure if this is standard practice – not stamping the bag – or if it was just an oversight by one employee. But with our saved large popcorn bag we essentially have free movie popcorn, indefinitely, from now on. Now that’s just fun. AND, you can get refills on your large Coke cup as well, and the cup wasn’t stamped either… fantastic!!

In other news, I was randomly pooped on the head by an invisible bird yesterday afternoon. That was gross.